Outdoor cinema for #gtstoogies

Here is the invitation from Lisa Conrad for this week’s #gtstoogies gathering

Dear Stoogies … in light of our recent discussion, I’m feeling like going to the drive-in this week. Now showing: The Lord of the Rings! Along with the film, we will be having a tail-gate party in the parking lot outside the Lobby where I’ve arranged to have a ginormous screen set up! All Stoogies are requested to bring there own chair and a favorite food to share. Recipes may be posted  so that we can try them irl … if desired! A tent with tables and chairs has been ordered in the event of inclement weather! Beverages will be provided free of charge by the management of the Lobby. A special fenced in grassy area will be provided for anyone wishing to bring their pets or grandpets with them. Looking forward to seeing the beautiful, panoramic vistas of New Zealand! P.S.: A large assortment of chocolates from around the world will be available during the show as well as FREE popcorn!!! Enjoy!

Thank you, Lisa! I am sure we will enjoy the evening immensely!


1 thought on “Outdoor cinema for #gtstoogies

  1. Once again … you never cease to amaze me!!! You are so talented. You bring our get togethers to life! I am looking forward to seeing the movie and enjoying our after-chat discussion. Thank you!

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