The Taste Tester Dogs arrive

P’est Pour Parfait, the Perfectionist Poodle insisted that all the Taste Tester Dogs should be present at the Blog Birthday and sent out Direct Messages to them. He then joined them on the Doggy Dais for a group picture.
Even SAD Seasonally Affected Black Dog came back for the event sporting a cheery pink umbrella and a  lucky snowflake pendant.

Parfait pointed out that we were still missing a few characters  and was surprised that the Memory Elephant could have overlooked the giraffe.
He suggested that the Twitter birds should contact Pedro Perez the Postman from Peru, Mrs. P, Paula the Physicist (Sprite’s mentor) and her grandfather Peter the prominent poet and his friend Patrick the Palaeontologist and see whether any of them would be able to come on such short notice.


1 thought on “The Taste Tester Dogs arrive

  1. Well, I for one, feel much safer now that ALL the taste tester dogs have arrived. You can never have too many taste tester doggies! Here’s hoping that Sprite’s remaining friends can make it to the celebration. All is ready ~ games are set up, party apparel may be found in the Lobby, lobster tanks with protective screens and security guards are in the Annex, food and beverages are on the buffet, the cake looks beautiful, the chocolate fountain is flowing, and a surprise feature film (Super 8)has been set up in the theatre for viewing at the end of the festivities! Time to party!

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