Belated Blog birthday celebrations 3


Well, I managed to make the picture small enough to be included here on the blog. You can see an enlargement by clicking on the picture.
Thanks to the #gtstoogies for a great party spread  and a pirate boat themed cake.

You can see that there are many newcomers at this gathering. The most recent addition is the Ibis who arrived at the beach BBQ last week. The Twitter bird band has grown in number. Ginger Pony and the fish are new real pets for Sprite and she received more soft toys at her P Party.

 There are a few to acknowledge in the absent friends toast The Pro Lobster Lobby and Lobster Quadrille Entertainers have boycotted the event because they thought the Wicked Lemon Wedges would be in attendance. SAD Seasonally Affected Black Dog has gone to spend the winter in a sunnier place.

The other Black Dogs have come but they are all behaving politely. Leaping Attack Black Dog is sitting very demurely and looking quite diminutive on his HALT mat. Imaginational Dabrowski is cheering up little Thinks-he’s-an-alien by including him in Pass the Parcel and Psycho Motor Dabrowski is keeping Little Bully Black Dog busy with tug of war and bouncing for the pinata.

Wistful Black Dog arrived with the Memory Elephant and sighed “It would have been better if Jofrei had celebrated the blog birthday last month!”
But everyone chorussed “Quiet, Wistful! Let’s Party Now!”


3 thoughts on “Belated Blog birthday celebrations 3

  1. Oh, Jo, this is the BEST PARTY EVER!!! How exciting to see so many guests! I was sad to hear of the lobster boycott. If you can get a message to them, please assure the lobsters that I will always have a well protected tank solely for them! There are no bullies allowed in the Lobby or Annex. Happy 2nd Birthday, Sprite, for your blog!

  2. Happy 2nd Birthday Sprite! Love your cake and all your animal guests. Looks like a fine party indeed. Reading is cool and so are you!
    All the very best,
    Mrs. P

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