Gifted Island Challenge 2: Getting to know myself with a little help from my friends

Sprite’s second challenge on Survivor:  Gifted Island was based on Johari’s Window and was designed to help understand what we know about ourselves and how we relate to others.

Luft and Ingham (1955), recognizing that all of us have “blind spots” when it comes to how we see ourselves, developed a simple matrix which they called Johari’s Window as a tool to help people understand themselves, their blind spots, and their relationships with others. To use Johari’s window, a person is given a list of 55 adjectives and instructed to select five or six that describe his or her own personality. Peers of that person are then given the same list, and they each choose five or six adjectives that describe the subject. These adjectives are then put in the appropriate “window” below. The person discovers which of the adjectives match what others have listed, as well as which adjectives they listed that others did not. The results can be extremely helpful in gaining self-understanding, including how one is seen by others.

For this exercise Sprite had to write 5 questions about herself and ask other people to answer them. For some of the questions she would know the answer already but the answers would show whether others perceived her the way she sees herself. For other questions she would not know the answer and the replies could help her see possibilities and fill in the unknown to self areas.

Please can you help Sprite by answering these questions for her in the comments box or via Twitter or Facebook?

  1. What is my favourite colour?
  2. What subjects interest me most?
  3. Do you think I am an introvert or an extravert?
  4. What do you consider are my main personality traits?
  5. What career can you imagine me following?

This is an interest project for me also.
As Sprite’s creator I have already determined the answer to some of these questions but others are open to speculation.
It would be very interesting to me to see whether other people perceive Sprite in the same way as I am trying to portray her. I will let you know the results.
I enjoy reading a blog called ‘The blog that helps you diagnose your characters’
It really makes me think about the way my characters are depicted and whether they are understood the way I intended them to be.
It brings to mind the song

If you knew Susie like I know Susie
Oh, oh, oh what a gal!

So – do you know Sprite like I know Sprite?


10 thoughts on “Gifted Island Challenge 2: Getting to know myself with a little help from my friends

  1. Thank you both very much!
    I collected a response from a good friend after church this morning
    1. deep violet or blue
    2. such a lot of interests – hard to pick one
    3. I forgot to ask this one
    4. intense disorganized but lovable
    5. It will be interesting to find out!

  2. Another response
    From R
    1 red?
    2 researching
    3 extravert
    4 very determined, strong sense of justice, curious about how things work explosive emotions
    5 researcher or lawyer

  3. And another
    From J
    1. Not sure
    2. own projects
    3. extravert (this was based on interactions with other characters on the blog I pointed out that some of these characters are in her imagination eg soft toys and personifications of traits- interesting discussion followed about what was real to whom!)
    4. talkative, FFM Big 5 High on Openness, Low on Concientiousness, High on Extraversion, Medium on Agreeableness, High on Neuroticism
    5. Researcher or curator of exhibitions (maybe in artistic or history of science area) Problem solver for environmental issues.

  4. 1. blue
    2. mysteries, homeschooling, dogs, imaginary friends
    3. introvert – Sprite never talks directly to the audience
    4. shyness, intelligent, good reader, works better alone
    5. Mystery writer, environmentalist, anthropologist

  5. Another response
    From Andrea
    1. Purple – because she is aspiring to wear the purple riding boots
    2. She is curious about everything – so many interests it is hard to choose, interested in issues concerned with giftedness
    3. Introvert – but can appear to be an extravert when having fun with true peers
    4. curious, active, busy, cares about world, environment and people,disorganized, frustrated by gap between intellect and performance because of 2E
    5. animal or environmental care, community youth worker, lawyer, psychologist

  6. 1. Sky blue-
    2. She is thoughtful and is interested in Giftedness and 2E’s, overexitablilities – She likes animals and thinking and art and alot of things
    3. Introvet
    4. She is inquisitive, and joyful like her colour, however can be deep as well
    5. Possibly something to do with animals, Vet, Zoologist, SPCA…

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