The vibe of the Ibs

This week the #gtstoogies will be enjoying a picnic BBQ on the beach.
Imaginational Dabrowski declared it to be a Vibe of the Ibs occasion.
The saying “It’s just the Vibe – it’s Mabo, it’s the constitution – it’s the Vibe” comes from one of my favourite Australian films The Castle.
We have wonderful foods that are delicious, but can be very messy to eat, like BBQ ribs covered in sauce, sweet corn on the cob dripping with butter and large slices of juicy watermelon.
But it does not matter because we have the personalised #gtstoogies bibs to catch any dribbles. Intellectual Dabrowski is ready to sample the BBQ meat.
Earlier he went to the library and borrowed the Bible, plays by Ibsen, information about the IB – International Baccalaureate program  and one of my favourite books Dibs in search of self by Virginia M. Axline.

The Twitter birds are getting into the vibe of the day too – one is reading the Ibsen plays and another is practising calligraphy with suitable nibs having consulted Cybraryman’s writing page

A passing yacht is displaying a fine jib and a visiting ibis brought a postcard from Ibiza.

One thought on “The vibe of the Ibs

  1. And a wonderful time was had by all! Thanks for some beautiful visuals this week, Jo. Hope Psycho Motor enjoyed his ribs. It appears that we need to set up a reading room in the Lobby so that everyone has a quiet place to read.

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