Seafood feast for #gtstoogies

A seafood feast has been ordered for the #gtstoogies this week.
There are platters of sushi and lobster and the plank grilled salmon ordered by Jen. We do have alternatives for any stoogies who do not like seafood or are not able to eat it.
The Pro Lobster Lobby and forensic lobsters arrived hot on the trail of the wicked lemon wedges which had apparently claimed more of their fellows.
Chin Dog arrived to taste test the sushi bringing with him some more chindogu gifts . This time it was umbrellas all round – including umbrellas for the drinks, the Lobsters, the Twitter Birds, Sprite’s feet and the Bib Tree where the personalized #gtstoogies bibs hang. Thank you, Lisa, for extending the budget to cover the deluxe personalised bibs! Please click on the image to see it in more detail.
Through one window you get a glimpse of the whales and through the other you can see the screen for viewing films later and the popcorn machine. At the moment pre show advertisements for the lobby facilities are being shown.

Imaginational Dabrowski is fairly sure he can see the Tree Octopus in the Topiary Tessellation Bird Leaf Tree.

Sprite is taking her fish away because she does not trust the Twitter bird on the 21C Water Cooler.

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