Preparing for #RSCON3

The Twitter Birds and the Dabrowski Dogs are helping me to prepare for attending the Reform Symposium #RSCON3  which will be held 29-31 July 2011.
You can find out all about the event at

I have attended the two previous events of the Reform Symposium and loved the experience of learning from leaders in the use of technology in education from all around the world.

These conference sessions are free to  attend and there are no travel costs and no need to dress formally. Indeed, as some people have noted, you could participate in the sessions in your pyjamas or daggy old tracksuit if you wished.

But I do have some tips for getting maximum benefit from the time and that is why I have enlisted the help of the Twitter birds to help me prepare. You will see that we have brought in a coffee machine and a good supply of chocolate to keep the energy levels up. It takes quite a lot of stamina to attend as many of the sessions as possible!

There are over 65 presentations and 12 keynote presentations.  Some of the sessions move very fast and present large amounts of information. As some of the presentations run concurrently I am busy consulting the schedule at  and following the directions to see the schedule as it applies to Melbourne time.

I have noticed that there are several Australian presenters whose sessions I would like to attend – Jo and Phil Hart, Michael Graffin, Edna Sackson, Judith Way and Henrietta Miller.
And  many of the presenters I enjoyed in the previous rscons will be presenting again this year.

This time I plan to be more organised with my note taking during the sessions which should make blogging about the event easier.
I am really looking forward to this online conference and hope to catch up with many of you in the sessions.

One thought on “Preparing for #RSCON3

  1. I remember you talking about this last year, Jo. I didn’t understand the whole ‘online conference’ thing then, but I do now. I hope to make a few sessions, but will have to take a break for #gtchat and Second Life that weekend. Enjoy!

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