Hard to please everyone!

I have been busy working on a submission to the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry
into the Education of Gifted and Talented Students 2011.
To read the submissions which have already been lodged and posted on the website see  http://www.parliament.vic.gov.au/etc/article/1338 

In the process I have been overworking some of the characters from Sprite’s Site and neglecting others. I even neglected to give Sprite a blog birthday party! But I explained to her that we had celebrated it last year because that was the first birthday of the blog and that she should not expect an equal amount of ta-rah each year.

I looked up from my writing to find the characters all airing their grievances or offering assistance or just reminding me of their existence.
The Origami Secretary Bird kept on bobbing up like the Help File Paper Clip saying “I see you are writing a submission. Would you like help?” And Beloved Snail was offering to deliver the submission for me; but I said it would be sent electronically.
The Memory Elephant was complaining of being overworked as I tried to recall all the points I wished to raise and the references for them.

Columbus Cheetah’s Vote Yes Cheetah Coalitions fitted in well with what I was writing but I told the Pro Lobster Lobby to come back in October. Peefa (sorry I mean Ginger) Pony and Pugnacious Loyola just wanted to be sure they were still remembered, as did the monkey and the meerkat.

Caramel Cat was demanding to be fed immediately otherwise she would start dipping mice in the chocolate fountain and Arachnid was withholding any message writing until my attention could be guaranteed.

I really thought I must be imagining things when the Tree Octopus put in an appearance!

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