A puzzle 5

While Imaginational was thinking about how he could cheer up little Thinks He’s an Alien Black Dog by taking him for a ride on the flowery hover-board, he was also still thinking about solving the puzzle. He was convinced that there was something important about the point where the two lines of flowers intersected and that the butterflies probably knew the answer.
Maybe the intersection of the lines of flowers marked the location of a treasure!
Imaginational put the picnic basket on the spot so he could find it again even if Intellectual removed the ribbons.

Parfait was debating with Intellectual about the equations for the lines. “One of those equations needs to have a negative gradient and where is your Point 0, 0? Don’t just assume the lines meet at 0, 0 – that point could be anywhere on the x, y axis and it could be anywhere in terms of latitude and longitude. You need a GPS.”

“Thank you!” said Intellectual “You have enlarged my cogitations considerably!”
In point of fact that point needs to be described more accurately. I was reading about such things in Doctor Jeff’s article The Address of a Self- important World http://blogontheuniverse.org/2010/05/03/the-address-of-a-self-important-world/

Imaginational was still thinking about the butterflies.
“What type of butterfly is that one that is sitting on your book, Intellectual?” he asked. “Because one of the same kind just landed on the flower where the lines intersect”

Intellectual consulted Lepidoptery 101 in his book. “It is a Fulvous Pied” he declared.

“Where is your report, Psycho Motor?” Intellectual demanded.

“Well!” barked Psycho Motor, bouncing from flower to flower in pursuit of a butterfly, “PIED (bounce) is like Pi D (bounce) which is the circumference of a circle and these flowers are circles (bounce) and here is a picnic basket with a PIE in it.
Puzzle solved – Let’s eat!”

3 thoughts on “A puzzle 5

  1. I believe Jo is the smart one. You see, this is fiction and Jo is the author. Shhh … don’t tell Imaginational or Psycho-Motor … they would not be able to control their intense emotions!
    So, the puzzle is solved just in time for the gtstoogies to celebrate with some fireworks! After the fireworks we will be enjoying s’mores (graham crackers, roasted marshmallows, and chocolate bar sandwiches) and Starbucks (yes, I’ve contracted to have a Starbucks located in the Lobby). 😀

  2. That’s great – you have me completely hooked on the s’mores! Anything chocolate is good – so s’mores are even better!
    And Starbucks too!
    Looking forward to watching the fireworks!

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