A puzzle 3

First to bring their reports about the puzzle were Sensual and Emotional.

Sensual: From a distance it looked like a field of flowers with butterflies flitting around in it. I wanted to go and roll in the grass.
But when I went right into the field, although the grass looked and smelled like ordinary grass and made me itchy and sneezy after rolling in it, the flowers were not like ordinary flowers!
Each flower looked and felt (and tasted) as if it were made out of metal and each flower had five petals – one blue, one red, one green, one gold and one violet.
I could hear a humming noise in the field but I could not tell what it was.
Oh, and I could smell a pie too!

Emotional: It was all so beautiful and so mysterious that I felt elated and misty-sad and puzzled all at once.

Intellectual: Well that wasn’t much help.

Imaginational: I think the flowers could be hover boards. I think they are used by aliens from the Milky Way to create crop circles. I think it would be great fun to ride on them and chase butterflies! Oh, I smelled pie too!

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