New Zealand Gifted Awareness Week

Sprite and the Memory Elephant and the Dabrowski Dogs have gone down to the beach on Gifted Island to start sending their greetings  as part of the New Zealand Gifted Awareness Week Blog Tour. For all the details of the week’s events  see

Jo Freitag and Sprite want to wish the New Zealanders a very successful, productive and happy week and tell them about the information available from Gifted Resources website and on Sprite’s Site blog
You can locate articles on Sprite’s Site blog by clicking on the tags in the sidebar or entering terms into the search bar. Some of the topics we have covered on the blog are social emotional issues such as Dabrowski overexcitabilities, perfectionism, depression, 2E -Twice Exceptional issues, Visual Spatial Learner learning style and memory, homeschooling, organization and homework skills and useful books, programs and websites relating to giftedness.

Some of these topics have been gathered togethers as booklets and can be read at

Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in the excitement of your blog tour. Have a great week!

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