Margaritas for parrots

It is rumoured that margaritas of both the liquid and floral types will be given to all #gtstoogies who visit the lobby after #gtchat this week dressed as or accompanied by a parrot!
The Twitter Birds were not sure whether it should have been dressed as or accompanied by a pirate and so they are having an each way bet!
The Origami Secretary Bird is trying to determine whether Sprite’s Linux Penguin would be eligible to participate on the grounds of being a Twice Exceptional Bird.

Meanwhile in the Mouse House Enor Mouse and FaMouse have not waited for the margaritas but have already imbibed copious quantities (for mice) of Mouselle and are getting into micechief!

2 thoughts on “Margaritas for parrots

  1. Oh dear, I hope the Stoogies don’t follow the mice’s lead … no mischief tonight (or today, depending on your time zone)! Having been enlightened on the possiblility of 2E birds, the door in now open to all fowl! In fact, it appears we will have an open bar with both alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic beverages for everyone who attends.

  2. Thanks Lisa! I am relieved to hear that all birds will be welcomed with wide wing spans and that there will be non alcoholic beverages available !

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