Meanwhile, back on Gifted Island…

One of the drawbacks of blogs is that the entries are in chronological order so sometimes entries which belong together as a series become separated.

So recently we have participated in the fun of the Best Australian blogs competition, the launch of Christine Fonseca’s new book, set up a teachers’ lounge and battled with Mean, Mean 13 for #gtstoogies.

And meanwhile, back on Gifted Island…

Having participated in our first challenge for reward, we have received our first rewards.

The reward for me was to spend some time on the Teachers Island with the teacher who is the third member of our team for Survivor – Gifted Island. It turned out to be a real eye opener for me and lead to much greater understanding of and empathy with the teachers.

I found that the situation on the teacher island was not as rosy as we had been led to believe on the parent/child island. We were given the impression that life on the teacher island was just a luxury holiday during which they could develop programs for their gifted students.
However this was not the case. The teachers were also expected to act as emergency teachers in a variety of regular school classes and to prepare the students for standardized testing. They were also given large amounts of correction, marking and report writing to complete within firm deadlines. The amount of time they were actually able to devote to the program planning turned out to be minimal.
Having embarked happily and in one accord on the Survivor –Gifted Island project, we now found that both the parents and the teachers had sources of stress which made the team effort more difficult.

However we did enjoy the short time together and managed to share some laughs and chocolate and plan a few strategies for challenging Sprite in her areas of ability and passion while giving her support in the areas which cause problems for her.
We also discussed the rumour that there was another island where we could find psychologists and education consultants who would be able to help design an excellent program for Sprite.

Sprite’s first reward was a copy of Christine Fonseca’s new book 101 Success Secrets for Gifted Kids. She took it to her hammock straight away.

Now she quotes advice such as:
Success Secret #18 You control your feelings not the other way around.
Success Secret #33 Don’t put off your projects (with comment from Chandler, 13 “Waiting to the last minute to do your work only makes you more stressed. Try to get things done early. You’ll sleep better”
Success Secret #35 Don’t overthink things (This has always been a problem for Sprite eg the Weed wars debate]

It is just amazing how she is accepting and acting on advice from 101 Success Secrets since she disregarded the same advice when I gave it to her!

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