Mean, mean 13! Part 2

After some time outside watching butterflies and talking to Ginger pony Sprite returned and we worked through the problem again. Intellectual was pleased to see that he had been correct.
Sprite really did understand the problem and had merely made an error in transcription.
We completed a few more similar examples and then moved on to slightly different problems. Unfortunately Imaginational and Psycho Motor chose that moment to reappear.
The first problem in the new set contained the number 13.

“I don’t like 13!” said Imaginational
“I like 13” said Intellectual “It is a prime number and also an emirp (prime number which is also a prime number when reversed) and it is in the Fibonacci series. Why don’t you like 13?”

“It just looks really mean!” said Imaginational. “It has craggy eyebrows and a bulbous nose and a pointy chin and it carries a scythe. It looks really scary!”

“You are suffering from Triskaidekaphobia – fear of the number 13” said Intellectual.  You probably suffer from Friggatriskaidekaphobia – fear of Friday 13th as well.
You might want to go into hiding – we have a Friday the 13th this month.”

“Or else you could perform an experiment to see whether Friday the 13th really is unlucky” Intellectual continued.
“You could hold a Friday the 13th Dinner like the theme dinners of the Society of Eccentrics of London in 1780s-1800.”

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