How to vote for Sprite 5

With only one more day of voting in the Peoples’ Choice section of The Sydney Writers’ Centre Best Australian Blogs 2011 competition Sprite feels that she has done all she can for her campaign.
She spruced up the site and investigated campaign strategies such as making a campaign poster and attracting visitors to the site. She is still not sure about how pork barrelling is supposed to work and the clip art pigs are browsing happily by the spruce trees. She has been able to utilise the barrel as a table for her strategy checklist.
The perpetual motion pecking bird has joined the Twitter birds at the bird bath.
According to Sprite’s strategy checklist two things she has not done enough are Baby Kissing and Gladhanding.
Apparently, according to Intellectual Dabrowski, (who did the research but did not provide interpretation of it) there are two types of Gladhanding
1. Pressing the flesh
2. Giving a stem of gladioli flowers – The Dame Edna Everage method
Sprite opted for the latter.
Arachnid, who presumably arrived with one of the pigs, has spun a message for Sprite.

I am sure Sprite has not circulated enough to gain a large vote but we have certainly had a great deal of fun with the campaign!

You can record a vote for Sprite’s Site by  clicking on the People’s Choice voting badge in the top right of the side bar or by going to and voting for Sprite’s Site on the P-Z page.
If you have entered Sprite’s Site by following a link to a specific post you will need to click on the blue Sprite’s Site header first to see the sidebar.

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