Christine Fonseca Book Launch Blog Tour May 2011

This week author, Christine Fonseca, celebrates the launch of her new book 101 Success Secrets for Gifted Kids with a Book Launch Blog Tour. Details of the tour fun and giveaways can be found on Christine’s website at

It will be a whirlwind tour with a busy schedule! It is a good thing Christine has the use of the Twittersphere balloon for her journey through cyberspace!  The Dabrowski Dogs, who loved Christine’s previous book Emotional Intensity, are there to wave to her as she sets off on her Blog tour with the balloon loaded with copies of her new book for prizes and give aways.

THE SCHEDULE (from Christine’s blog)

  • The Gifted Resources Blog is starting things off with their own unique tribute!
  • 5/2 – Michelle McLean is hosting a Q&A Vlog and giveaway
  • 5/3 – Lisa Rivero is hosting an interview with great questions related to marketing fiction and nonfiction. She is also hosting a giveaway
  • 5/4 – Ali Cross is hosting a fab guest post wherein I talk about perfectionism and underperformance. There is a giveaway too.
  • 5/5 – Elana Johnson is hosting a vlog of me and my fav things. Yep, it is quite embarrassing! Another giveaway is on tap too
  • 5/6 – Golden Eagle  is hosting a guest post about what I learned writing 101 Success Secrets,  Michelle Hickman is hosting a post about the great advice I received as a kid.
  • 5/9 – Danyelle Leafty’s blog is hosting a guest post about the inspiration behind the book and why it means so much to me.
  • Also happening 5/9 – an appearance on Blog Talk Radio. Click here for the deets.
  • 5/10 is another double stop day. I’m hanging out with Shelli Johannes-Wells hashing out the differences between marketing NF and Fiction, and talking with Monica Morrell about my favorite advice from 101 Success Secrets – the Hula Hoop trick.
  • 5/11 Lisa and Laura Roecker asks me some  fab questions about parenting, writing, and more
  • 5/12 I am stopping by Jennifer Merrill’s blog for a Q&A – trust me, this one is not to be missed.
  • The tour ends 5/13 with Eric Stallsworth. I’ll be talking about the 7 things I learned while writing NF that EVERY Fiction author NEEDS to know!

There will be a lot of fun and festivities on Christine Fonseca’s Book Launch Blog Tour!

2 thoughts on “Christine Fonseca Book Launch Blog Tour May 2011

  1. Jo, you’ve outdone yourself once again! I think Imaginational wants to accompany Christine in the balloon. Heck, I want to ride in that balloon!

    This is an outstanding book for gifted kids to read! It is, in fact, sitting on my desk right now. I am on my second read-through. Readers will find it fascinating and informative as well as comforting.

    This is a ‘must buy’!

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