How to attend Gifted Education Conferences in Second Life

Roya Klingner of The Bavarian Center for Gifted and Talented Children, among the many wonderful things that she does, runs monthly meetings on giftedness in Second Life.
These are usually advertised in Mary’s Gifted Contacts on Facebook at  and on Twitter but are also advertised on The Bavarian Center for Gifted and Talented Children website at
To attend one of these meetings, it is important to register with Roya. At present there is no cost to attend.

This is really brilliant and exciting considering the calibre of the international guests Roya
has invited to give presentations.

The next “Global Virtual Meeting for Gifted Education in Second Life”, 28th 2011 at 9 p.m. CEST.
Invited speaker is Margaret Keane (IRELAND).
Topic: “MissionV Pilot: Using virtual world technology for the support of high potential students.”

Margaret Keane (B.A. Communication Studies) is the founder of, the voluntary advocacy and support website for exceptionally able and twice exceptional children in Ireland. The site provides information, resources and a forum for parents and teachers and hosts a free series of webinars, supported by NCTE, through the global educators network Margaret has worked in corporate video production, publishing, ICT skills training and web design. She is a Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Awardee and is on the Advisory Board 2011 for the Irish Centre for Talented Youth.

Future speakers will be:

– June 25…Prof. Ernst Hany (GERMANY)

– July 30…David W. Deeds (USA/China)

– August 27…Dr. Thomas Leigh Armstrong (USA)

– September 24…Allie Golon (USA)

– October 29…Joy Lawson Davis (USA)
Imagine being able to attend presentations by these leaders in the field of gifted education without cost and without having to travel!

The only thing which prevents some people from attending is that they are anxious about using Second Life.
So Mary St.George has written an excellent tutorial:-

Most of us who have attended these meetings were new to Second Life the first time we attended, and we are happy to help anyone who is also new to this virtual world, so ask for help in the group if you need it. It’s far better than missing out on these excellent opportunities!

Here is what you do:

1. Go to and click “Join Now” to make an account.

2.  Choose an avatar from the 11 displayed.

3.  Choose a username. If you plan on roaming freely in Second Life, don’t choose your real name. You can add it later as a display name if you wish.

4.  You will be prompted for your e-mail address, date of birth, password, etc.

5.  Click the link in the e-mail that is sent to you.

6.  Select Free Account.

7.  Download and install the Second Life Viewer. You have finished with now. Even though you can log in there, you don’t have to. You can do all the rest with the Second Life Viewer that you have just installed.

8. Fetch chocolate, wine, or other comforts of choice. Or contact a friend who has been in Second Life before.
Click on the picture to see an enlargement which is easier to read.

9.  Open your Second Life Viewer, and sign in at the bottom left with the username and password you set up at .

10.  Agree to the Terms of Service.

11.  Wait for your avatar to load. The reason for wine/chocolate/friends is that it may not load in the way you had hoped. Your clothes may load before your body, and you may not like that look. Your body may load before your clothes, and you may like that look even less, but rest assured that your unclothed avatar has no details! Not even as many details as you may have hoped for, particularly if you are male. And you see pixels, not actual skin. One of 11 sets of default starter avatar pixels that are absolutely not personal. Eat the chocolate, take a swig of the wine, or wail to your friend. It will be OK!

12. Your avatar has loaded. Congratulations!

13.Follow the arrows past the 6 numbered screens telling you how to move around in Second Life. Try these instructions out as you go, because you cannot return to this area (although you can always ask us for help). Practise sitting on the seats by screen 4, as you will be sitting in the meeting. In Windows, right-click on the seats and choose Sit Here. On a Mac, Command + Click (or a two-fingered click on a MacBook) will show the Sit Here option. At screen 5, there are other ways to fly if you don’t have Page Up and Page Down keys. E and C keys will also let you fly and land, or the move button at the bottom of your screen gives you visual controls for flying.
Click on the picture to see an enlargement which is easier to read.

14.  When you reach screen 6, you are ready to go to the meeting venue. Click on the link from Roya in your e-mail, then return to the Second Life Viewer and click Teleport to go to SilverDay Productions in Degar, the site where the meetings are held.

15.  If you have figured out how to fly, you can fly to the roof of the building, as this is where the meetings are held. Alternatively, you can walk into the building, turn right, and look for a circle on the floor. This is a teleport to the roof. Right-click it (or Command+Click, or two-fingered click) and choose Teleport. You should find yourself on the roof.

16.  Sit on a seat and use the View button at the bottom of your screen to adjust your view of the presentation screen. The arrows on the circle tilt your view, while the arrows in the square slide your view sideways or up and down without changing the angle.

17.   Turn your speakers on, as there will be sound with the presentation.

Everything else, like changing your appearance or making a display name, is optional. If you close your Second Life Viewer while you are in Degar, you will be back in Degar when you log in again, all ready for the next meeting.
Click on the picture to see an enlargement which is easier to read.

On Roya’s website there are links to videos of all the excellent  previous events she has hosted.

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