#gtstoogies 22 April

This week the #gtstoogies hold a surprise Birthday party for  Deborah Mersino,  founder and principal of Ingeniosus website and #gtchat and also an Easter egg hunt. For some parts of the world this week’s #gtchat session will be on Good Friday and in other parts (including Australia) it will be on Saturday morning.
Every year on Good Friday the people of Victoria conduct the Good Friday Appeal for the Royal Childrens’ Hospital in Melbourne.

Buttercup Mersino is an honoured guest of the Dabrowski dogs and is playing Pass the Bone with them (except Psycho Motor who is already trying to break the pinata and Imaginational who is contemplating Easter).
The New Twitter Bird Band is in fine form. A special fireworks display has been arranged for the occasion.
And Sprite has managed to sneak in her Best Australian Blogs campaign poster and Peoples’ Choice voting instructions.

The Twitter Birds are ready with wheelbarrow loads of Easter eggs for distribution to various websites and blogs for the Easter egg hunt.

One thought on “#gtstoogies 22 April

  1. Outstanding! I feel as if I can hear the band play as I read. Buttercup will be so happy when she finds out she’s been invited to the party! Thanks for your help with the Easter Egg Hunt. Blessings to you and yours!

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