Reality check

I have been doing some deep thinking after writing that previous post about gifted children and the media and the exposure to the media in the Survivor – Gifted Island game.
I just want to make it clear that the Survivor – Gifted Island game is a completely  FICTIONAL TV simulation game show.

I love the simulation games and icebreakers that are played at camps and PD sessions. I love the FUNN generated by Mark Collard in his workshops and his books No Props and Count Me In  and I enjoy visiting his Inspire Your Group blog at

But if there really were such a TV show as Survivor – Gifted Island I definitely would not participate in it! I would not subject  my family and a much appreciated teacher/ mentor to being on public display and would not want to do it myself! Especially when you consider that  gifted people are often highly sensitive and introverted.

But I am having a great deal of fun writing this series and using the situations of the game to demonstrate issues that do exist in the real world. So having aired that disclaimer – let’s continue with the story!

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