Onto the Island and into the Fish Bowl

Sprite had wanted to bring her fish in their bowl with her to Survivor – Gifted Island because she was afraid that they would starve or Caramel Cat would eat them while we were away. I told her I would arrange for people to pop in to Sprite’s Site and check on her fish.
After only a few days on the Island I began to feel that we were the ones in the fish bowl. Camping in close proximity to other families can be difficult. You feel that your attitudes, opinions, parenting style and lack of camping skills are all being scrutinized by the people in the surrounding tents.

On the island we are living our lives in front of the viewers of Survivor – Gifted Island and at the mercy of the editorial selection of the game’s producers. And of course the producers consider tears and tantrums to be much more entertaining than quiet dignity! So the scenes they choose to put to air would be most likely to be the very ones we want to forget.

Gifted children often attract the attention of the press when they  amaze with their unusual accomplishments but it is wise to try to avoid the limelight if at all possible. I remember this from my dealings with the media when our children were young and from discussions with other parents of gifted children on email discussion lists.

Kathi Kearney gives some wise advice about this topic in an excellent article Highly Gifted Children and the Press at http://www.hollingworth.org/press.html

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