#gtstoogies 15 April

Well, we have set off for the Survivor – Gifted Island game having already endured the first tantrum from Sprite; even before we left home; when she realised how few of the things she wanted to take would fit in the one backpack she was allowed to take. I managed to squeeze Columbus Cheetah into my backpack and with a bit of repacking we managed to fit a few more items in Sprite’s pack including the frisbee and ball for the Dabrowski dogs.

Sprite was very upset that she was not allowed to take her telescope, microscope and laptop. I am hoping that these things will be provided since it IS Gifted Island – maybe they will be rewards that can be earned. I tried to encourage Sprite that maybe not having these items would provide extra challenge and make the experience even more  inspirational but she did not appear convinced!
She was also not happy about having to leave her De Bono Six Action Shoes pink slippers at home. She was only allowed to take two pairs of shoes and I pointed out that the Can Do Adjustable velcro sandals and the De Bono Six Action Shoes grey sneakers would be the most useful pairs to take.

I apologise for not leaving the place in a tidier condition!  We have left the coffee maker and Dr Jeff Goldstein’s 21st C water cooler ready for the #gtstoogies gathering after #gtchat this week and have ordered a cake to celebrate the Birthday of Leslie Graves of http://innreach.wordpress.com/ from Ireland.

We will start sending you our journals from Survivor – Gifted Island soon.

2 thoughts on “#gtstoogies 15 April

  1. ;-D… What on earth (or another planet) can I have left to say … but you are a wonderful person… ;-D and I do hope that in all the years and all the places and all the trails that will be taken.. some year or day.. we may meet in person.. Respect.. Les

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