Survivor – Gifted Island 2

“Are you really sure you want still want to go on this Survivor – Gifted Island game?” I asked Sprite.

I had been reading the information the producers of the game had sent, particularly the information about what you were allowed to bring with you. There was a list of clothes, toiletries, one spare pair of shoes and a few extra items which could be brought to the island and it all had to fit in a small backpack.

“Of course I want to go!” said Sprite. “It will be like going camping with a whole lot of gifted people.
I have already packed all the stuff I want to take and put it by the table but some of it doesn’t fit into the backpack.”

2 thoughts on “Survivor – Gifted Island 2

  1. Well, I see shoes are a bit of an issue here! lol And if all those electronics are going, Sprite needs to remember batteries and a solar charging unit. The goldfish might be somewhat risky as some may see them as a food source if things get rough. Just sayin’ …

  2. Yes It would certainly not be wise for her to take the fish – but she is worried that Caramel Cat will eat them while she is away!

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