Promotion suggestions

Having created mindmaps in iMindMap and Spicynodes and drawn up a Venn diagram with the results for addressing the  problem ‘How to improve SerendipEd and attract more attendees’ I have now drawn up another mindmap using iMindMap to chart possible methods of promotion for SerendipEd webinars.

Serendipity and Fine Focus webinars are ideal opportunities for  educators to share their knowledge and experience the sort of informal professional development that happens when people get together and network.
Those who would benefit most from attending are teachers from every education level and  all curriculum areas, student teachers and those seeking additional PD.

The places that they would be made aware of the existence of the excellent webinars are via Twitter, blogs and  websites, webinars, lists of resources and personal recommendations.

There seem to be formal and informal options for promotion of the webinars, InReal Life and virtual methods of promotion and real and virtual incentives.

As you can see there are several unlabelled branches on the map. These have been left without labels so that additional ideas can be added. What other suggestions  could be added?

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