Berry feast for the #gtstoogies

This week delicious berries are the featured flavour of the #gtstoogies feast after #gtchat.
Lisa Conrad provided the information about the Blackberry Kir Royale cocktails
(See ) and Mary St George suggested the pavlova and blackcurrant cordial with lemonade or sparkling mineral water.

On the noticeboard there is an invitation to a St Patrick’s Day celebration which was held in the mousehouse on the 17th  and apparently one of the leprechauns who attended left his hat under the table. And somebody else has left their Blackberry  on the table.
The Origami Secretary Bird  has put a link to Cranes around the world blogspot  on the pinboard. Peter Lydon has contributed a link to a cartoon ‘Lisa Simpson on happiness v intelligence’  and also a link to The Blueberry Story and also a banner publicising the Irish National Gifted Education Awareness Day and European Talent Day See
And Roya Klingner posted a reminder about the next virtual meeting for gifted education in Second Life

One thought on “Berry feast for the #gtstoogies

  1. So much news this week! The berries look delicious. I may just have to soak mine in champagne! I look forward to some ‘berry’ good chats this week. 😉

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