Chadwick Cheetah joins the coalition


My good friend Andrea Butchard, who was a source of inspiration for Feetspeak and has always been a great encourager of Gifted Resources, insists that it was purely coincidence that Chadwick Cheetah turned up at our front door at much the same time as she did, with a note asking to be given a home in the style of Michael Bond’s Paddington Bear.

Andrea knew that Chadwick Cheetah would be just the right creature to bring a smile to our faces and let us know that our friends are thinking about us and giving us support at a time when things are difficult. We are one of the thousands of families having difficulties with Centrelink See
And Chadwick will fit in well with my coalition of soft toy cheetahs – L to R Chicquita Cheetah, a gift from our daughter Erica, Chadwick Cheetah, and Columbus Cheetah. mythbuster  star of Gifted Resources website and Sprite’s Site blog, who sits on my desk and accompanies me to conferences and speaking engagements.

Thank you so much Andrea for making sure that Chadwick Cheetah would come and brighten up our day!

One thought on “Chadwick Cheetah joins the coalition

  1. Glad to see that Chadwick is fitting in well.
    Make sure that Sprite and the others don’t thieve all his strawberry jam.

    Submitted by email and posted by Jo on behalf of Andrea

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