The Big Questions 2

Gifted Online from New Zealand have put together some resources for helping children after the recent Christchurch Earthquakes at

They say:

This page has been written in case it is helpful to the parents and teachers of children who experienced the earthquakes in Christchurch, but may also be useful to other parents and teachers of gifted children.

Gifted children often sense their emotions more strongly than their age mates, and have an enormous awareness of social justice and the needs of others. They may empathise far more deeply with those affected badly by the quake than another child their age would, even if they have fared relatively well themselves. While caring for these children in similar ways that we would care for other children who are shocked or grieving will often be appropriate, it can also be useful to help gifted children identify ways in which strong emotions are a positive thing in their lives. Strong emotions can be energising, can help us to be caring, can enable us to create and appreciate beauty and humour, and make us interesting to know. 

ISTE International Society for Technology in Education has put together teaching resources about seismic activity at

Ready Ed has a teaching unit book Earthquakes volcanoes and tsunamis

Dr Michele Borba discusses Post Traumatic Stress Disorders in children in an article at

Lisa Rivero, author of Creative home schooling for gifted children, also has a helpful article on her blog
Helping children cope with disasters
which  includes a link to a PDF file from NAGC

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