Sushi, Chin dog and Chindogu

This week the #gtstoogies will enjoy a feast of sushi after #gtchat and Japanese taste tester dogs Akita Inu, Shikoku and Japanese Chin dog have arrived to give their approval of the fare.
Akita Inu is named after the Akita Prefecture where the breed was thought to have originated.
Shikoku is also called Kochi-ken, Mikawa Inu or Japanese Wolfdog and was recognized by the Japanese Crown in 1939 as a living “natural monument” of Japan.
Japanese Chin is also known as the Japanese Spaniel and was a lapdog and companion dog of Japanese royalty.

The Japanese taste test dogs brought gifts with them. They are examples of ‘unuseless’ Chindogu (see )

For Caramel Cat they brought floor mop slippers and for Sprite pretty little white high heeled shoes with built in shoe umbrellas. Sprite says she will have to put her umbrella shoes away with the other shoes she hopes to be able to wear in the future like the  Blue Formal shoes and Purple Riding boots.

When Sprite heard that sushi would be served she took her fish away so they would not be upset and the whales seem to have vanished also. For those who do not want to eat fish there are delicious Inarizushi, a pouch of fried tofu filled with sushi rice and nori wrapped vegetarian delights.

1 thought on “Sushi, Chin dog and Chindogu

  1. So thankful that the taste testers have arrived. Please thank them for me for bringing gifts! And no fish will be harmed in the Lobby this week. Sprite’s fishys need not fear. Another brilliant post, Jo!

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