Fish phones and cyber safety

“When the whales started calling and you all went off on your #gtstoogies pirate cruise my fish got sad and home sick and they want to phone Mrs Jo Hart’s fish” Sprite told me.
“So I have set up a phone for them. Can you tell them my mobile number on the chat now, please?”

“No!” I said “That is a dangerous thing to do”.

‘But I put the phone in a plastic bag so it won’t get wet” said Sprite.

“I mean you should not give your address or phone number out in a chat room” I said. “I’m surprised you don’t remember that from your Social Media studies

We have been discussing cyber safety and digital citizenship for students on Serendipity and Fine Focus sessions recently

Some of the links to programs designed to teach students about Digital Citizenship and Cyber Safety that were shared are

Quest Atlantis  practice in an online virtual world where students learn about cyber safety issues and being respectful to each other Developed by Uni of Indiana, free for schools and sponsored by the Bill & Melissa Gates foundation
Information about teacher pd for Quest Atlantis can be found at

A website from the UK – CEOPS Think you know

Safer Internet Greek site

Safer Internet English language site Insafe Play and learn Being online

Digital citizenship

Jo Hart shared some of the cartoons she created in Toondoo to illustrate her messages to her distance education students about online safety including this one.

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