Casting Sprite’s Education in a New Form? Part 1

The comment from Lisa Conrad really got me thinking! Should I homeschool Sprite?

Up until now we have been on a Quest to find the ideal education for Sprite within the school system, supplemented by extra activities and holiday programs.
Sprite is the poster child for Feetspeak: 2E shoes which is a method of planning education programs which are suitable for students who are both gifted and have a learning disability or difference in learning style.
Edward De Bono’s 6 Action shoes  are used as the tool for planning and they are road tested on Gagne’s DMGT (Differentiation Model of Giftedness and Talent) road from innate giftedness to fully developed talent.
First I decide what type of gifted programs would be produced using each of De Bono’s shoes as the planning tool and then I look at whether the programs would be suitable for 2e students. See

I have made a few additions to De Bono’s 6 Action shoes. There are bare feet which represents not having a program at all, the sparkly sandals and painted toenails which represent the appearance (in the glossy brochure) of having a program which in reality has no substance and the adjustable Velcro shoe which represents a flexible program.

And then there is the plaster cast which represents an ideal combination of the attributes of the 6 DeBono Action shoes but can only be used if eligibility and funding criteria are met.

Each of the action types represented by the Six Action Shoes can be seen to be incorporated in the function of the cast.
So Sprite’s cast has been signed by the 6 Action Shoes
Blue formal shoes – Rigid support
Grey sneakers – Investigate
Brown brogues – Be sensible (This is written on the top of the foot so it can be read by Sprite looking down at it)
Orange gumboots – Run!
Pink slippers –Care and comfort
Purple riding boots –This foot reserved for a Purple Riding Boot (looking forward to a future time when Sprite will be realizing her potential and in a position to be an inspiration and mentor to others like her)

Sprite has been subjected to testing in numerous ways by psychologists, therapists and education consultants and found to be both exceptionally gifted and to have specific learning difficulties.

Various programs and assistive technology measures have been tried with varying degrees of success. You can see these represented by the different types of footwear she wears and you can see by her body language how her comfort and optimism levels vary!

It is one thing to find out which are the best shoes for the DMGT Road but quite another to find ones that will be a good fit.

We have tried so many provisions already.

I need to consider whether I will be able to find suitable provisions for Sprite if I do decide to homeschool her.

1 thought on “Casting Sprite’s Education in a New Form? Part 1

  1. Honored that my comment has prompted the consideration of alternate school choices. As a gifted child, Sprite will need to be brought into the decision-making process becasue the final choice must ultimately include her wishes. If she were to merely acquiesce to your decison, the entire process might end in failure. Best wishes on this most important journey!

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