Valentines, reminders and lavender lathers

This week Roya Klingner from The Bavarian Centre for Gifted and Talented Children  dropped in to bring Apfelstrudel and Vienna coffee for this week’s #gtstoogies gathering and a reminder note for the pinboard about the gifted conferences her centre hosts in Second Life
Coming speakers will be
– Feb 26 … Christine Fonseca (USA)
– March 26…Tim Dracup(UK)
– April 23…Prof. Georg Betts(USA)
– May 28…Margaret Keane(IRELAND)
– Juni 25…Prof. Ernst Hany(GERMANY)
Also on the pinboard is a notice about Mary St George’s Facebook Group Mary’s Gifted Contacts and of course the Twitter #gtchat and #gtstoogies groups. For general chat such as sharing recipes before and after the Twitter #gtchat sessions you can log into #gtstoogies
The Cheetah Conservation Fund have also sent a flyer suggesting that rather than giving roses as Valentines Day gifts you could give the gift of sponsoring an orphaned cheetah.
The Paws for Poise Cyber Dog Grooming Parlour bus is offering a Valentines special of Lavender Lathers as there is nothing romantic about a pongy pooch! So Sensual Dabrowski will be able to keep two of his New Year resolutions at one time – experiencing aromatherapy and attending the Paws for Poise Parlour.

2 thoughts on “Valentines, reminders and lavender lathers

  1. Okay … it’s official! I am ADDICTED to this blog. I can’t wait to read it. It is brilliant! Jo, I wish I had a fraction of the talent you have. You are so imaginative and witty and artistic and, and, and …. I am going to assume that this week we’ll be serving coffee, tea, and pastries after chat. Perhaps I’ll hire a piano player to play a few tunes as well! We might as well enjoy the new Baby Grand in the Lobby. 😉

  2. Blush! Thank you !!!
    Coffee, tea, (and hot chocolate!)and pastries sounds good for supper after chat. Yes, please hire a piano player! I will check whether any of the Twitter birds (or maybe a whole bunch of them) are able to manage a Baby Grand but I think it would be very wise if you did hire a piano player!

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