Beyond our Ken – Sprite tries to fathom the nature of creativity Part 2

This is an entry in the Calling all Bloggers: Sir Ken Robinson blogathon.
Details of the blogathon and videos of Sir Ken Robinson speaking on creativity can be found on Joe Bower’s For the love of learning blog at

The topics of last week’s  #gtchat sessions were Big Choices: Accelerate/School Change/Homeschool” and Differentiation
I had read the Iowa Acceleration Scales in preparation and highlighted the sections that stated that the presence of a learning disability alone did not necessarily mean acceleration should be refused to a twice exceptional gifted student.

We had a very fast moving and interesting discussion and many useful website links were shared. We talked about the choices parents face when trying to find suitable education options for their gifted students. You can read the transcript of the session here

We discussed the merits of the freedom home schooling gives to work at the required level for each subject and to move as fast or slowly as needed through the material and the freedom to entertain creative unconventional thinking  but concluded that home schooling was not an ideal solution for all families.

One of the links which was shared was an Ask Sir Ken Robinson video in which he shares some thoughts in response to this question on Twitter from @CrankParent:

“What are your thoughts on home education and how that model can be applied to schools?”

As I was watching the video Sprite was packing for her return to school after the long summer holidays and debating with Intellectual Dabrowski and Imaginational Dabrowski about which of them should accompany her to school.

“I should take Intellectual because he is really helpful in maths and science and history and geography classes but he can get a bit tedious and he always wants me to do more writing and to check everything twice. Imaginational is more fun and is sometimes helpful for English and Art” Sprite was saying.

“I thought you were not allowed to take any dogs” I said.

“We are not allowed to take any dogs but the over excitable Dabrowski dogs just tag along with me anyway” Sprite said

“The teacher doesn’t mind Intellectual. He sits under the desk where nobody can see him. I only get into trouble if he wants me to argue with the teacher or to answer every question. Then the teacher says ’Can anyone apart from Sprite tell me ‘or ‘I know you know, Sprite – does anyone else know? Or’ ‘Put your hand down Sprite!’

But all the others often get me in trouble.  Emotional and Sensual sit under the desk too. Emotional gets upset if we learn about sad things or if someone is not playing fairly and then, if I react, the kids laugh and tease me. Sensual makes me feel all itchy and anxious. He does not like it if the room is too noisy and he does not like the fluorescent lights flickering.

Imaginational and Psycho Motor both stay outside. I can see them through the window. Imaginational pretends to be a lamb or floats around in a hot air balloon and I get in trouble for watching him. Psycho Motor bounces up and down as if he is on a trampoline – now you see him – now you don’t – now you see him. It makes me want to go out and bounce with him!

“If you homeschooled me I could have all the Dabrowski dogs with me all the time!” said Sprite

2 thoughts on “Beyond our Ken – Sprite tries to fathom the nature of creativity Part 2

  1. I must admit that I am surprised that you aren’t homeschooling Sprite. Has she expressed an interest in being homeschooled before now? I should think all the Dabrowski Dogs would prefer her to be home. Perhaps this needs further investigation.

  2. I am beginning to think that homeschooling would suit Sprite very well – just as it suited our children. But, as Sir Ken Robinson says, it is not an easy option and not a decision to be taken lightly. I will consider it – thank you for the prompting, Lisa!

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