Beyond our Ken – Sprite tries to fathom the nature of creativity

This is my first entry in the Calling all Bloggers: Sir Ken Robinson blogathon.
Details of the blogathon and videos of Sir Ken Robinson speaking on creativity can be found on Joe Bower’s For the love of learning blog at

Like so many children, Sprite  often has unexpected observations and insights to contribute to discussions; so I decided to ask her opinion on the videos before writing my blog post.

This post  is  the transcript of  part of our conversation. (I hope to write other posts on this theme also)

Sprite: Am I creative?
Me: Yes, you can be very creative at times. (Mentally I added – Take as an example some of your excuses for not handing in your homework!
Sprite: Are you creative?
Me: I like to think I am.
Sprite:  But Sir Ken Robinson said children are creative and then they grow out of it – so does that mean you are childish?
Me: Probably.

Sprite: Why am I creative?
I resisted the urge to say “because I created you as a creative character” because I was afraid that would take us back to the ‘where did I come from?’ (See and
I could see a conversation comparing the cartoon picture of Sir Ken to the real Sir Ken in the videos looming.

So instead I opted for deflecting attention to the influence of Dabrowski’s Overexcitabilities, particularly the Imaginational.
Me: Probably because you spend so much time with Imaginational Dabrowski!
Sprite: Do you spend time with Imaginational Dabrowski too?
Me: Yes

Sprite: We are not allowed to take dogs to school. When Mary’s dog followed her to school they rang Mary’s mother and said to come and get him and take him home. So Imaginational Dabrowski hides just outside the window. Sometimes he pretends he is a lamb and sometimes he flies around in a hot air balloon.
But I get in trouble if I watch him too long. The teacher says “Earth to Sprite – come in Sprite!”

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