So much to take home from #rscon11

I have so much to take away from #rscon11 that the Memory Elephant cannot fit it all in the trunk!

For Melbourne, Australia the Reform Symposium opening keynote presentation was at 2.00am on Sunday and the closing keynote was at 5.00pm

During that time I attended wonderful presentations, took copious notes, saved chat texts and followed and saved a multitude of links. Yesterday (Monday) I relaxed and read some of the notes and some blog entries about the conference, connected with old and new friends on Twitter and thought about the blog post summary I would write. I could not decide whether it should be posted on the rscon blog or on Sprite’s Site and then thought it should probably be posted in both places.

An advantage of having Sprite, the Memory Elephant and the Dabrowski Dogs and also a flock of Twitter Birds with me was that they could help me manage all the take aways!

The Memory Elephant suggested taking photos of the session descriptions for the presentations I had attended and enlisted the help of the Dabrowski Dogs and the Twitter Birds to display the description signs for their favourite sessions.

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