The Dabrowski Dogs make New Year resolutions

I realised listening to the Dabrowski dogs dictating their New Year resolutions that some people make resolutions that will be almost impossible for them to keep, some play it safe by resolving to do something they already enjoy doing, some make resolutions aimed at self improvement and fulfilment, some have idealistic visionary goals which cannot be reached solely by their own actions and some avoid making resolutions altogether.

Here is the transcript of the Dabrowski Dogs New Year Resolution making session.

Psycho Motor: I resolve to … There goes Caramel Cat … excuse me

Intellectual: I resolve to become thoroughly familiar with Wikipedia , Cybrary Man’s Educational websites catalogue to the Internet and Hoagies the all things gifted website

Sensual: I resolve to experience Aromatherapy, to have a weekly session at the Paws for Poise Cyber dog wash bus and to sample cuisine from as many sources as possible

Psycho Motor: I resolve to NOT chase… Oh look, there’s a cyberbike! … Excuse me

Imaginational:  I resolve to spend more time in prayer and meditation about how we can make it become ‘on Earth as it is in Heaven’ and thinking about what a perfect world should be.

Psycho Motor: I resolve not to chase stuff!

Emotional: I don’t want to make any resolutions because if I make them I MUST keep them and I can’t really guarantee that I could keep them. And if I didn’t keep them I would feel sad and guilty and as if I had let down people who were watching me to get inspiration. If I didn’t keep my resolutions it might make other people fail to keep theirs too and then I would feel really, really sad and guilty. Of course, if I did manage to keep them then I would be a good inspiration and that would make me over-the-moon happy. Or else it would make other people feel worse if they were not able to keep their own resolutions.
And I don’t know what resolutions I could make that would be sufficiently meaningful and that I would still be able to keep!

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