A New Year for the #gtstoogies

All is in readiness in the lobby for the gathering of the #gtstoogies after the first #gtchat sessions for 2011.
The food is a healthy low cal selection of vegetarian wraps and sandwiches for those who have made New Year resolutions regarding eating healthy low cal food and the chocolate fountain because you need to keep up your energy and good mood in order to stick to a diet! (Also because, mercifully, virtual calories do not add inches to IRL waistlines!)

Beverages offered are champagne, non alcoholic sparkling apple cider and pure water from the Water Cooler for the 21Century.

The New Year fireworks are still visible through the window and the list of New Year resolutions is still on the table.

On the pin board there are some invitations and reminder notes:

  • From Bavarian Centre for Gifted and Talented Children  re the Virtual conference in Second Life on 29.01.11
  • From Prayer Pups Christian comics http://prayerpups.com/2010/12/05/hey/
  • From Deborah Mersino to 1st Birthday of #gtchat
  • From Reform Symposium
  • From #gtstoogies re weekly gatherings
  • From #temt –  a Twitter group for teachers who are endeavouring to exercise and get fit

A Shelfari book shelf from http://www.shelfari.com/  has been set up to keep track of the books we resolve to read and the Do It Yourself projects for the new decade are sitting there waiting to be assembled. These ones were Christmas gifts to the Dabrowski dogs- a dog treadmill from and pet chime wireless door bell

In order to manage all these intended activities the Life Balance Wheel is displayed on the whiteboard

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