A pony with a sulky behind

“Peefa’s got a sulky behind today!” Sprite told me.
“That’s nice, dear. You will be able to go for a drive” I said.
“NO!” said Sprite. “Not that sort of sulky.  Peefa is turning his back on me when I call his name!”

Sure enough Peefa did appear to be sullen and sulky!
I thought of calling Sue Weatherill of Horse Instincts http://horseinstincts.com/index.html who runs courses for healing the spirit of both horses and people.
But then I noticed that Peefa had a couple of canine companions – Wistful Black Dog and Sensual Dabrowski aka “Itchy”.

After a discussion with all three we discovered the cause of the trouble.
“Why does THAT GIRL call me PEEFA?” asked the pony “My name’s GINGER, it is!”
“I told Ginger I used to be called Itchy until I protested and now they call me Sensual and I feel much better about myself”
“See – give a dog a bad name and it sticks!” said Wistful. “I wonder what my life would have been like if I had a better name!”

I realized that I had inadvertently caused this misunderstanding by not taking into account that sometimes Sprite takes comments literally when they were not intended to be literal. I had written Peefa Pony on my Christmas treasure hunt note meaning P for Pony and implying that she could choose a name herself.
In retrospect I should have introduced Sprite to the pony and told her that the previous name was Ginger!

2 thoughts on “A pony with a sulky behind

  1. Yes, it is great to squeak and squwark and talk to the animals!

    I like the name Wistful too – it has a sort of lavendar haze around it!
    Unfortunately people (and maybe dogs) often don’t like their own names and Wistful is the personification (dogification?) of the pessimist who always looks back and speculates about how much better things should have been in the past.
    His counterpoint is Imaginational Dabrowski who looks forward and imagines how great things will be in an utopian future and how current problems can be solved.

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