Holiday reading

Today I spent some time adding to my Shelfari  bookshelf.
I have several books to read during the holidays.

Youngest son gave me Letters and numbers Word and number puzzles from the SBS TV show for Christmas; as we have been enjoying playing along with the TV show.

Bill Zimmerman of  and  sent me a copy of his new book Your life in comics : 100 things for guys to write and draw

The book features cartooning exercises and prompts that get boys thinking and writing about important subjects in their lives, including family, friends, school, health, and the future.  Web extensions point the way to additional fun and interactive resources online.  You can also download some of the pages from the book.

Bill invites you to blog and comment with him and offers writers’ prompts on his blog at
I have two books on the I Plan to Read section of my Shelfari shelf. I do not have a copy of either of these books yet but am looking forward to reading them.

 Twice exceptional gifted children by Beverly Trail Ed D was released in November 2010.

It can be purchased online at  and I think it may be available in Australia from Borders or Dymocks. I will search for it soon.

101 Success secrets for gifted kids by Christine Fonseca from Prufrock Press will be released in May 2011 and Sprite’s Site will participate in the excitement of the launch.  You can read about it here.

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