Hunt for a Christmas pony

We have returned from spending Christmas Eve with family. The others are all asleep now and I have completed some last minute wrapping and preparations for tomorrow. When the children were young I used to enjoy devising treasure hunts for them to search for their Christmas gifts.

So now to put Sprite’s Christmas gifts in place.

Sprite will find a picture of a pony on her pin board with a ribbon leading to a small gift (too small to contain a real! pony!)
Inside the gift box she will find instructions to follow the ribbons.
One ribbon leads to a book “How to care for horses and ponies”
Another leads to her computer. On this she will find directions to where she can see a beautiful drawing of a horse by my friend Leslie Graves in Ireland.

A fourth ribbon leads to the room  where her P Party was held. Here she will find her soft toy pony with a note in his mouth.

And when she goes out into the garden she will find ………

One thought on “Hunt for a Christmas pony

  1. Wow! Lucky Sprite! I want on next year.
    Merry Christmas to Sprite and her entire managerie!
    Merry Christmas to Jo and her family. It has been a true joy to get to know you this year!

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