Sprite’s 2010 Christmas list

I have just been reading Dr Robyn Silverman’s article  Ack! I hate everything on my child’s wish list

It gives some wise suggestions about how to evaluate the advisability (or not) of giving items on your child’s Christmas wishlist that you do not think are suitable and some strategies for selecting alternatives.

Coupled with Dr Michele Borba’s  advice teaching kids to be appreciative 
I thought I was equipped to deal with what could be an impossible Christmas wish list from Sprite!

But I was not prepared for her trying out the reverse psychology / guilt trip combination!

2 thoughts on “Sprite’s 2010 Christmas list

  1. I am considering whether to add a ‘real!’ pony into the cast of characters or whether it is better fun to have the continuing tension of her always wanting one, trying all sorts of ruses to get one but never getting one!
    Husband suggests giving her a bucket, shovel, gumboots and a pile of manure to show her what work would be involved in having a pony!

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