As you can see I have been very busy adding a wordle type tag cloud to Sprite’s Site blog  sidebar and tags to the posts to help readers locate posts on specific topics. I am working backwards and I have tagged almost half of the posts.

It reminds me of when I used to have to put name tags on piles of school uniform and stationery items just prior to the start of a school year.

And it reminded me that the children did not like tags on their clothes because they said they were scratchy!

It also reminded me of our first encounter with Sensual Dabrowski when we only knew him as one of the Black dogs.

And sure enough, Sprite and Sensual Dabrowski were not happy about the tags on the blog!

“It makes us feel really itchy!” Sprite complained.

I decided that this time it  was not an actual problem which I needed to remedy by cutting out the tags. It was more a problem of idea value of the word ‘tag’ and could be remedied by diverting Sprite’s and Sensual ‘s attention away from the offending term and demonstrating their value as  blog entry signposts.  

“Please could you talk to the Twitter birds about which carols and songs we can sing at the #gtstoogies open house tomorrow?” I asked.

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