Film Discussions 2

The Incredibles is a great film for the whole family.
A second table has been set up for  the chocolate fountain which was requested and some festive foods.
Please help yourself to Discussion Notes for the film Little Man Tate from the Film Discussions Series page on Gifted Resources website at

I look forward to lively discussion about the issues raised in the film.

4 thoughts on “Film Discussions 2

  1. Might those be Hershey’s dark chocolate kisses sitting on the table? Ahhh… heaven. 🙂 Everything looks absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait to see The Incredibles on Friday/Saturday. It will be my first time. Will the doggies be joining us this week? I think their new doggie lounge chairs have been installed in the first row of the new theatre! The kitties from Dublin have requested seat in the balcony and those seats are also available. It will be a festive evening in the spirit of the holidays.

  2. Thank you!
    Yes, chocolate is the currency of Teddy dragons and the saver of sanity.:-)
    The doggies will be delighted to come as soon as we get finished with the group picture. Thank you for organising seating – so wise to keep them well away from the kitties!

  3. I hope you have a really great Super Hero day!
    Douglas Eby has this to say about the Incredibles
    It is a very engaging movie. You [the collective ‘you’ of readers here] might like my post Psychologist Michael Britt on self-esteem, The Incredibles and American Idol…steem-the-incredibles-and-american-idol/

    Have a look at his video -it is a thought provoking trailer for the movie and for considering how to build valid self esteem.

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