Group picture

Taking a photo of a large group is always a challenge!
” Everybody move in close! Tall ones at the back, little ones in front. OK everybody smile! Say CHEESE!”

But getting a picture of the group at Sprite’s Site is proving to be five times as difficult – no maybe 5! times as difficult!
You know the famous caution about working with animals and children!
It is really great to see that MrsP and Postman Pedro Perez  are able to be present

Psycho Motor Dabrowski and Little Bully Black Dog will not stand still. Sensual Dabrowski is always scratching when the flash goes off. Every time someone says “Say CHEESE” another one of Les Souris comes running to get some and Caramel Cat  scoops it up. And the poodle, P’est pour Parfait, keeps on going out to the Paws for Poise Mobile Cyber Dog Grooming Parlour because  he is sure that he no longer has every hair in place.

Apart from Parfait, none of the taste tester dogs have arrived yet and Sprite is not sure where to fit them in the picture when they do arrive.  In fact it is already proving almost impossible to get everyone in the picture!

3 thoughts on “Group picture

  1. It’s great to be included in this wonderful group of friends. It sparked my imagination!
    For the upcoming holiday season, the Mobile Cyber Dog Grooming Parlour will be having extended hours to aid in stress reduction for all its customers.
    It is a little known fact that the cyber Lobby used by the #gtstoogies is in fact located at the entrance to a theatre used by #gtchat. In celebration of the season, the Theatre will be having a Holiday Film Festival throughout the month of December. Members will be given an opportunity to choose their favorite films for viewing. 🙂

  2. Oo! This is so fun! And I am looking forward to all the extra holiday festivities to add to our general celebrating nature! Perhaps It’s a Wonderful Life and Sound of Music could play in the theater? Both feature gifted people!

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