And an Octopus in a Topiary Tree

Intellectual Dabrowski was mortified! He had told Sprite repeatedly that you should always, always check the veracity of the information that you found on the Internet and that you should not just believe it automatically; even if all the Twitter Birds in the Twitterverse told you.
But obviously Sprite had not been paying attention to his pedantic, perfectionistic scepticism and insistence on correctly annotated source references.

The Twitter Birds had told Sprite about a website devoted to the conservation of the rare Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus and that a group of school children had staged a march to raise awareness of the Tree Octopus’ plight.
On the FAQ page it said that if you wanted to donate to the Tree Octopus cause you could take paper money to the forest and the octopus will come down and take it and then use it to line her den

Of course Sprite was eager to donate and help the Tree Octopus!

And it didn’t help that Imaginational Dabrowski was sure he had seen a Tree Octopus in the Topiary Tessellation Bird Leaf Tree! But Imaginational was quick to stipulate that it would not be a member of the species Octopus Paxarbolis. It would one of the even rarer species Octopus Topiarii .

So when I came to visit Sprite’s Site I found Sprite standing at the base of the Topiary Tessellation Bird Leaf Tree hopefully extending a stack of paper money.

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