November Blog Day 10: Good intentions and playing catch up

My calendar tells me it is the Day 12 of November but my November Blog Day entries are only up to Day 9; so today I intend to post three entries in the series.

I have enjoyed revisiting the scenes and describing the stories behind the various characters on the blog; but as I do so I am also discovering a number of loose threads which need to be tied off and a number of hints at future posts which did not eventuate. And possibly I will use this series to remedy that – but I will not make any promises – just in case I do not keep them!

For example: I participated in the Reform Symposium See Jofrei, Sprite and the Dabrowski Dogs visit #rscon10 2 August 2010
I had some blog entries at the Reform Symposium site and a couple of posts on Sprites Site such as  The Pool of Collected Reflections 8 August 2010
I intended to write critiques of several of the sessions I attended. I had written a post announcing this and was going to add that post to Sprites Site and write the five post series.  I still have not written that series.
Now I am about to participate in another online conference next week –  The Global Education Conference

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