November Blog Day 5 Characters: The Dabrowski Dogs

Sensual is the first of the Dabrowski dogs we meet on Sprite’s Site blog.
He appears in Dabrowski’s dog, part of the Black Dog series about depression in gifted people on 8 October 2009

All five Dabrowski dogs were described in All the Dabrowski dogs
Part 1 11 November 2009 
Part 2 13 November 2009 
And Part 3 16 November 2009

The Dabrowski dogs are personifications of the characteristics described by Dabrowski’s Over-excitabilities. Stephanie Tolan has written an excellent Layman’s Explanation to Dabrowski’s Over-excitabilities at

You can read about them in the Youblisher booklet Sprite and the Dabrowski Dogs at

Since then we have seen the Dabrowski dogs as playing an important part in Sprite’s life
• When she is reading Sharing the news with the Dabrowski dogs 17 January 2010 
• Participating in her P Party
• Inspiring her to action on matters of equity and environmental concern Revitalization and Resilience 28 January 2010 
The Cruel is NOT Cool Protest march 1 May 2010 
• Enhancing her academic and creative efforts
• Visiting the Reform Symposium online conference 2 August 2010

The Dabrowski dogs have been guests and taste testers at many of the #gtstoogies feasts and have

• Taken a journey on cyberbikes in Traveling with the Dabrowski Dogs 20 August 2010
• Been pampered in the Paws for Poise Mobile Dog Grooming Parlour
• Participated in Halloween activities
To find all the blog entries about the Dabrowski dogs put Dabrowski into the search bar.

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