November blog Day 4: Character: Eidetic the Memory Elephant

Eidetic, the Memory Elephant, is Sprite’s imaginary friend who is a personification of memory and the Visual Spatial Learner style of thinking

The character was developed from a clip art image

The first proper mention of the Memory Elephant was in the blog entry Memory champion on 15 August 2009

But there had been allusions to him in
Elephants in the waiting room an entry about anthropomorphism on14 August 2009

And also as ‘the elephant in the room’ in PC PC PC on 1 July 2009
The name Eidetic Elephant was first used on 28 May 2010

In Sprite’s Menagerie he is described as an imaginary friend
10 September 2009

The Memory Elephant takes a an active part in Sprite’s life; taking part in protest marches such as Feetspeak Unfair to Sprite and Please Remember Campaign

He is sometimes found in the company of Wistful Black Dog who remembers the past and wishes things could have been different.

To read about the Memory Elephant as an illustration of the Visual Spatial Learner thinking style see the Ublisher booklet
Sprite and the Memory Elephant

The Memory Elephant acted as Photographer Pachyderm for Sprite’s P Party.
He loves to collate visual memories using Shape College a free automatic photo collage maker and also uses Mnemonics as a memory aid

For a #GTStoogies feast a Time Howdah and MeLD for Memory Elephant were developed so that the Memory Elephant could transport great thinkers from ancient Greece
The sharing of knowledge during global online conferences to build up banks of communal knowledge was discussed in The Pool of Collected Reflections

To see the Memory Elephant in action you need to view the Memory Elephant USB morph

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