November blog Day 2: Guided tour of Sprite’s Site blog

November is a good time to gather to have group photos taken.
The cast of characters on Sprite’s Site has been growing steadily and as with most large groups or families getting them all together at the same time in the same place will prove a challenge.

But writing a post each day this month will provide a good opportunity to assemble them and give an introduction and a bit of explanation and back story about them.

The first entry in this series should be a guided tour of Sprite’s Site blog.
It can be entered via the sidebar on Jo Freitag’s Spot on the Web or from links to specific entries posted in places like Twitter or the Gifted Resources newsletter. If you enter via a specific post you may not be able to see all the features of the blog.

At present the blog does not have any tags or categories and sometimes I think I should incorporate those. But it is possible to search for any word or phrase using the Search bar. There is a Shelfari bookshelf in the right hand section of the blog where books relating to various posts can be displayed. The Shelfari shelf needs to be updated and maybe that is the subject for another November blog post.

The first character should need no introduction. It is Sprite herself, the cartoon character I use to illustrate presentations, and there is a separate page titled About Sprite in the Pages section of the blog. As well as the blog she also now has her own Page on Jo’s website at
Note to self: One entry for this month could deal with the themes covered by the blog and another could be about Sprite’s backgrounds.
I should not run out of material for a month’s worth of daily blog posts!

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