#gtstoogies 16 – All Day Breakfast Buffet

This week several of the regular #gtchat participants will be presenting at gifted education conferences; so the regular gtchat sessions will not be held. This means that the gtchat participants will be able have some extra hours of sleep.
The #gtstoogies have set up an all day help-yourself breakfast buffet in the lobby.
Please enjoy fruit juice, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cereal, fruit, pancakes, bread rolls and croissants and even Mobius bagels. http://www.georgehart.com/bagel/bagel.html

If you would like some reading material other than the cereal boxes you will find transcripts of past #gtchat sessions at http://www.ingeniosus.net/gtchat-transcripts

The Twitter birds wanted to remind that even though #gtchat would not be held the Twitter Water Cooler for the 21st Century would still be there! 

Psycho Motor Dabrowski still rose bright and early ‘with the birds’ and Imaginational and Emotional Dabrowski discussed their dreams with each other.

Beside Caramel Cat’s cushion you can see Sprite’s pink slippers from the De Bono’s Six Action Shoes range.

It will be great to hear about the gifted education conferences next week. The All Day Breakfast will also be available next week with some additions to the menu.

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