Getting organized – Homework steps

Homework was another area which we needed to get organized as it was rapidly becoming a battlefield. Sprite’s ruses to avoid doing homework were escalating at the same pace as my attempts to help her to get organized.
It was turning into homework wars!

Fortunately I found an excellent article Ending Homework Wars by Dr Michele Borba

Then there was a very helpful discussion of homework on #gtchat. For the transcript of that chat see

The Davidson Institute offered helpful advice for parents with ‘What parents can do to help their children get organized’ by S Rief in the Davidson Institute collection of articles

I found some great articles for teachers in regard to setting meaningful homework such as Five Hallmarks of Good Homework by Cathy Vatterott

and Cybraryman’s Homework System by Jerry Blumengarten

Some tips for avoiding homework wars are

• Have a set place and time for homework
• Have the routine use of the homework notebook well established
• Allow some time for relaxation or outdoor activity and a snack before commencing homework (note the life balance wheel)
• Ensure that necessary information and equipment is available
• Parents need to provide support and encouragement without taking over the work and need to be prepared to advocate for alternate or more suitable homework for the child if necessary (especially in the case of 2E students)

I noticed that Sprite had put a picture of a small dog on her pin board. “That is Rio, the Homework Dog,” she told me. The Homework Dog has his own website at

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