#gtstoogies 15 – The 1st Annual Lobster Fest

The 1st Annual Lobster Fest will be celebrated in the #gtstoogies lobby this week If you look through the window you will get a glimpse of the whales. There will be whale watching tours throughout the afternoon departing from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikPqu_UWeTM

I had set out the lobster platters, Sprite had provided a poster of the Australian tourist feature The Big Lobster and the Twitter Birds had flown in a banner for the lobby.

When the lobsters heard about the Lobster Fest they started arriving in droves!
There were various interpretations of suitable use of the Lobby space.
One Lobster thought it would be ideal for staging The Lobster Lolly Lobbing Competition.

A group of Lobster Lewis Carollers brought their own whiting, porpoise, snail and turtle to stage a Lobster Quadrille. Psycho Motor Dabrowski could not resist their imploring “Will you, won’t you join the dance?” You can see the Lobster Quadrille dance at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W66miUV7Whk

Two forensic lobsters came to investigate the premature demise of one of their own and concluded that, as is often the case, the Wicked Lemon Wedges were responsible or were at least complicit in the crime.

The Lobby also seemed to be the ideal place for Lobby Groups so the Pro Lobster Lobby and the newly formed Wicked Lemon Wedge Ban Lobby set up their headquarters there and Columbus Cheetah moved in with his pro ability grouping Cheetah Coalition.

The Twitter Birds use #gtchat as a rallying point for global advocacy for gifted and talented education and enjoy using the #gtstoogies Lobby for some light hearted tweeting between #gtchat discussions.

Imaginational Dabrowski is thinking about the cosmic synchronicity that caused the turtle to have the same marking on his shell as the wafts of chocolate aroma coming from the dessert bake-off and the pictures in the campfire flames.

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